Leon Fuller – sentenced to “5TOLIFE“!

Leon Fuller signs his own life-sentence with his album “5TOLIFE”. His actions as a rapper, songwriter, producer and model speak even louder than his already booming words – recently cracking the German charts just added another case to his file. Much respected as a feature artist, Leon Fuller also pushes his bands BxDxF and sunb*mb as their frontman and manager under the alias of 1EON.

With BxDxF (Crossover) this die-hard from Cologne/Germany notably swept the boards by winning several awards of international status. “German HipHop Award”, “German Rock Award” and “best European newcomer live” have only marked the beginning so far. Leon Fuller aka 1EON represented on MTV, Top of the Pops and various other national stations with BxDxF. By now, worldwide tours take him and his band to far-off places like Afghanistan, whereby they already look back on over 300 live-shows with up to 150.000 spectators – rocking wild crowds either as headliner or supporting for acts like the Bloodhound Gang, Tommy the Clown or Volbeat.

sunb*mb (Drum’n’Bass & Rapcore) impact deeply on the Asian part of the globe in particular, yet they also deliver furious soundtracks for German TV icon Stefan Raab or movie productions. 

For his first underground solo-release “six pearls (before swine)” Leon Fuller, still using the moniker 1EON, had the pleasure to work with Data_P (K.I.Z., Alanis Morisette) in Munich, Mark V (Run DMC, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony) in Los Angeles and Chris Gehringer (Madonna, Timbaland) in New York City.

While this EP set his very own Storm and Stress to music, he now specifically focused all skills and experiences, making the current sound of “5TOLIFE” so very unique – a musical hybrid of rough raps and aggressive sounds with a modern, cutting-edge vibe. Produced by composer Benny Richter (Caliban, Emil Bulls), Leon Fuller presents himself as a 100% sovereign solo artist. Even more on point, more dangerous and catchier than before. Without letting confining norms restrict him, he devotes himself to what he loves and what he lives for. Hard-lined, strong-minded and absolutely for life – “5TOLIFE”. 

Born in Africa and raised in Germany upon Hungarian heritage, he has eventually found a second home in Los Angeles. Leon Fuller’s leitmotif Energy gives his musical performance its exceptional flavor. He skillfully preserves artistic integrity and likewise keeps an eye on business, thereby creating an alliance of art and commerciality. Now, with this background and his new sound, Leon Fuller is ready to blaze his own trail at the highest volume!

If you celebrate rap, you’ll escalate to Leon Fuller!



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Leon Fuller
Aachener Str. 592
50226 Frechen, Germany

E-Mail: info@leonfuller.de
Internet: www.leonfuller.de

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